Merry Late XMas and a Happy New Year!!!! :3


Hey everywun!!!! Merry late X-Mas and a Happy New Year!!!!
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And we have a website / webblog now!!!! :

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We love you guys and Linde 😛


The Taptoe!!!!


So this was our first vid. We’re living in Holland and in the state we live we have an tradition to go with the circus club and perform wile walking trough the whole city. So this was also our celebration of opening the BroSisters. So watch and enjoy our vid. leave a like if you did, spread the craziness with sharing this vid and subscribe if you want to make us mother flipping happy. Merry Xmas from Eezzz And Mushroom

YOUTUBE – Le meilleur des vidĂ©os de 2013


This is such an amazing Rewind

Ici ou Ailleurs

Comme chaque annĂ©e, YouTube propose de faire un retour sur l’annĂ©e Ă©coulĂ©e avec les vidĂ©os et les personnes qui ont marquĂ© la plateforme de partage de vidĂ©os. Avec pour fond musical Blurred lines, Gentleman et What does the fox say?, cette vidĂ©o met en scĂšne les stars de YouTube et notamment PewDiePie, ce gamer sudĂ©ois qui a dĂ©sormais plus de 17 millions d’abonnĂ©s. De quoi faire rĂȘver le numĂ©ro 1 français Cyprien, qui en comptabilise 4 millions.

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The BroSisters


Hi everyone,

our names are Mushroom (14 y/o) and Eezzz (13 y/o)Image
this is the official website of the BroSisters.
We are two girls from Holland who are sharing there lives on Youtube, talking about being an curcisartist, PewDiePie and other stuff. We’re from the Bro Army and we’re lightly super ultra freaking obsessed by PewDiePie!!!! And we’re also from the Loin Army & Llama Army AND DON’T YOU FLIPPIN’ FORGET MARZIA!!!! If you want to check out our YouTube channel the link stands in our bio. To stay up to date click on the follow button. We post our videos but also videos we like. But remember that we also have school and that we sometimes forget to post something.

We love you so much and spread the crazyness with sharing this blog and the videos we’er posting on YouTube. Brofists from Eezzz and Mushroom